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IH2017: Better Than Market

In the first half of 2017 the Fund unit reaches all-time hight, rose 4.65% year-to-date. This yield supposes annual growth around 10%.

Investment yield was received from coupons, dividends and some speculative transactions with stocks. At June 30th the share of stocks in the portfolio was more than a half — 56%. Another large share is fixed income (36%), and the rest is foreign currency and rubles.

Fund portfolio structure at June 30, 2017

Indicators, % (6 month, Dec 30, 2016 — Jun 30, 2017)

TNO Capital (unit price, RUR) 4.65%
MICEX index (RUR) -13.1%
RTS index (USD) -15.8%
Benchmark* -4.05%
Inflation rate (May 2017, YoY) 4,1%

*Sberbank – Balanced Fund