Архив за месяц: Март 2015

IQ2015: Strong Results in Volatile Market

In the first 3 month of 2015 the value of the Fund’s unit rose by 19.7%. MICEX index, for comparison, added 16.4% at the same period. Stable growth of the Fund’s unit, which you could see in the picture below, is explained by a large share of fixed income in assets. It has defended portfolio in the period of stock market slump in March 2015.

Performance TNO Capital vs MICEX index (Dec 30, 2014 = 0%), IQ2015


In the near future I will add a new benchmark to compare with my portfolio. It will be the fund with mixed strategy (fixed income & equity), that will be more appropriate than previously used Сбербанк – Фонд активного управления .

TNO Capital portfolio structure at the end of IQ2015